Rumor for own Donkey Kong

Seth Rogen should speak Donkey Kong not only in the Super Mario film, but allegedly also in a solo strip.

Next year for Christmas, Super Mario returns to the big screen after almost 30 years. After the desatter attempt in the 90s to accommodate the plumber in a live action film, Nintendo works together for the coming animation film with the studio behind the I – simply incorrigible and minions films. But that does not seem to be the only planned strip. For weeks, rumors that Nintendo also want to miss a popularity impact on the popular monkey Donkey Kong beyond the boundaries of the Games industry. For example, for 2024, not only a large Donkey Kong area in the Super Nintendo World theme park is planned, various insiders colors repeatedly rumors that a new game should come and, moreover, much more, such as a number of new merchandise products.

Now Giant Freakin Robot reports that Seth Row, who is already talking to the primates in the Super Mario Bros. – Film, have signed for a separate Donkey Kong strip. The canvas spectacle should also arise with illumination. Further details are not yet known. It would be possible, however, that Fred Armisen also takes over a role. After all, he speaks Cranky Kong in Super Mario Bros..

It remains only to hope that Nintendo does not break from the leak this time. A few years ago, the Group had ever made the attempt to pack his own brands in cinema works. For this you have worked together with the provider Netflix, but due to a leak, Nintendo has withdrawn from all projects.

Donkey Kong Country - Bad Hair Day - Ep.1

OURCE: GIANT FREAKIN Robot (via Videogame Chronicles)

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