Wow The character adjustments for the nightborn are still a joke

What have I been on WOW patch 9.1.5. After a long thirsty route, new content comes into play. Ok, a bit of content. And the large part of the again heated content comes only in early December. Because even though Blizzard advertises with Legion-Timewalking when logging in, we will have to wait for the hot event for a while.

Good, patch 9.1.5 is just an intermediate update. Nevertheless, who is waiting for big changes will be disappointed. And we have already discussed in the editors several times that these adjustments come too late. With the new patch Zig small updates came, most of them are uninteresting for me. The comfort improvements are Nice-to-Have, but not more. None of the relief will take back the players who have left WOW in recent months (Buy 14,99 € now). The player s weakness and the great raid group dies are a separate topic. So I m just one thing left, which is currently delighted to me in Wow: twinking with characters of allies peoples.

A high on folk-affiliated Draenei

The new Paladin mount for light-funded Draenei is just perfect. Source: nightborn I offer me at this point as a big fan of allied peoples. On the Alliance side, I especially did the Lawn Draenei. Her backgrounds and the whole Lore around Turalyon s Army of Light moved in Wow: Legion immediately in her spell. At that time, I even left my night elf warrior and continued my adventure on the devastated islands with my new and extremely attractive long-prone Draenei Paladendame.

With Patch 9.1.5, new optical adjustment options for passed Draenei, nightborn, high streets and empty elves came. The new looks of the light-forged Draenei are a true eye-catcher. The many new customization options just look fantastic! Today I spent a good hour at the barber with my Draenei Lady, to try out the many combinations of jewelry, hairstyles, tattoos and horn species. The chic paladin mount comes for the parked Draenei still on top. At this point a great praise to Blizzard s art team.

The nightbornets are a disaster

My anticipation of the new character adjustments for the night born was similar today. The elves of Suramar struck high waves in Legion. Her magical city, the magnificent armor and her elegant appearance made a lot of impression. The joy in the WOW community was great as Blizzard introduced the nightborn as an allied people. But then the disillusionment came. The first hero models of the nightborn born got their own look, which reminded only away from the classic elves of Suramar.

Patch 9.1.5 should eliminate this optical difference. I was curious if my priestess with the new adaptation options finally looks like their cousins ​​from Suramar. No matter how long I experimented around the barber in Orgrimmar, I did not even come close to the cool Suramar look. Despite new facial features and adapted eyes, my heroine still looks like a bad parody of a classic nightborn.
The masquerade (left) shows the significant difference. The new eyes are quite nice, but the nightborn heroes still do not look like the classic elves of Suramar. Source: nightborn

I m disappointed. In Suramar, apparently two different Elven peoples live. I can not explain this serious optical differences otherwise. Why are the nightborns still such a big construction site? Blizzard has also managed to visually bring the models of high and blood solving to a denominator. The game models of the nightborne lacks this certain touch, which makes the Suramarelfen seem so unique.

For example, the striking features like the proud attitude, the arrogant look and the unusual hairstyles are missing me. Who puts his nightborn heroes next to a typical citizen of Suramar, sees the serious difference immediately. It gets really bitter when you dress up with masquerade as a real nightborn. The whole thing is so absurd that I have to laugh every time I visit with my nightborn suramar.

NEW Nightborne Customization Options [Patch 9.1.5] | Shadowlands

Bright hands: That should be an upgrade?

Look at the hands of Thalyssra. So the magical glow effect should look like even with nightborn game characters! Source: nightborn The summit of impudence are the bright hands, the Blizzard advanced a few weeks ago as a graphic upgrade in the official blog. The result also makes me smile. These hands can hardly be called magical. Since the graphic artists have turned something at the brightness at the skin, noimes nothing. Look at the hands of the nightborn NPCs, such as the hands of the first Arcanist Thalyssra. This glow effect around your fingers is an important detail that makes the magical look of the nightborn perfect.

It is a mystery why developers do not simply take over these fine details. That would not even be a lot of work, after all, the said glow effect can be seen everywhere in the game. That the game models of the nightborn are still look different than the elves of Suramar, is just ridiculous.

That Blizzard s developer teams are constantly working on graphic progress, prove them again with new shop mounts. Look at you the new render of sun energy fell ball. The cute kitten with emerald eyes and luminous paws is a feast for the eyes. It would be nice if the graphic artists have set as much love in the new models for night born. The current models simply spray no charm. Too bad. We will probably have to wait longer even longer on true suramar elf.

What do you think of the new character adjustments for the allies peoples? Did you look forward to the new looks for nightborn? Do you like you? Or is the topic completely cold? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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