Aria of DFM says he felt small given the League of Legends

Detonation FocusMe was yesterday for the second time in his group stage of the League of Legends World Championship in front of the defeat screen. Although the team had shown great spirit in the upper half of the map, opponents shot 100 Thieves ruthlessly through the lower Lane and started the defeat of the LJL representative.

After gaining Midlan Lee, Aria s Ga-Eul after the game, he says that DFM was ready to give up in return for a strong mid-jungle pivot in the lower lane, but the lower lane too early Exploded, so we have lost also in the middle lane and in the jungle on performance.

At yesterday s untouched, Aria met on Felix Certificate brown of 100 Thieves – the man who is lovingly called Faker Dagge by many in the West. On the question of his opinion to the Matchup he says that he did not feel almost as much pressure as against the man, the completion called after the previous day, and generally had a smooth lanning phase.

A player he previously said as a god-like figure in an interview with Korizons Ashley Kang Aria, that his suboptimal performance was due to T1 on the fact that the fight against the Unkillable Demon King, Lee, Faker sang-hyeok, under Pressure stood.

Faker is obviously one of the most representative figures in League of Legends, says Aria. So I felt a bit small in the lanning phase [Against Him]. On the question of which Champion Aria wants to perform at the next meeting of the two against fakers, his answer was simple: Leblanc. This is not a surprise, considering that both players are productive in the selection.

WCT 4 - Final - GNF v United
Arias Lebllanc had been consistently blocked throughout the LJL season, and the player came to the master in the league. And of course, LeBlanc is one of the champions, which Faker has already made a name for 2013.

With star players like Faker, which rose through the domestic Korean scene, and Kim, Doinb s Tae-sang, who has made itself earned in China, we asked ourselves whether the next major Korean midlan could emerge from a smaller region, the regularly attracts Korean talents like Japan. While Aria holds it possible, he admits that it is not really likely.

What does that mean for the player in the future? Well, at the moment, Aria is strongly focusing on helping DFM to achieve his goal in the World Cup group phase – to win a game. In addition, the player says that his future is something he has so often considered. So who knows whether Aria will try to hack them in one of the most important leagues of Lol or to stay in Japan and build his legacy with DFM?

Since a full week s full of games is still playing, there are still possibilities for DFM to realize his goal. Although there is no easy task to defeat the gods and Titans of the Lol Worlds group phase, Aria says that the team Our best will do to achieve this.

For Aria personally, it does not matter to lose track in the coming days. I never want to lose track, he says, I want to dominate my trail. We ll see if Aria can reach his destination if Detonation Focusme will later play against Edward Gaming today.

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