SV Sandhausen Pascal Testroet tightens crisis at ex

Dynamo Dresden continued its negative series in the 2nd football Bundesliga. The team of Alexander Schmidt underlined the SV Sandhausen 0: 1 (0: 0) and thus lost the fourth game in a row.

12. Spieltag | SGD - SVS | Pressekonferenz nach dem Spiel
With 13 points after twelve playing, the Saxons stuck in the lower table half. Sandhausen managed thanks to a hit of the former Dresdner Pascal Testroet (50th) at least until Sunday the leap from the relegation platz rank 14 (12 points).

At the beginning of the game, both teams were waiting waiting. Dresden was brave over the first half and pressed the lead.

However, the hosts remained without success in the opposing penalty area. Luca Herrmann only met the post (22nd), Christoph Daferner (34.) failed to SVS-Keeper Patrick Drewes.

After the break, Testtroet, who came to the penalty in the penalty area at the end of the penalty, in the lead. The guests then moved back a bit, Dresden found no solutions against the now rather defensive SVS.

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