IMPF question at WM still unclear

In the IMPF question for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the FIFA football world association refers to the competence of the host country authorities.

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Complete information about COVID 19 security measures will be communicated to all groups involved in the tournament if we approach the competition, said the FIFA on request from the German Press Agency. All visitors would have to follow the travelists of the catalist authorities and the Ministry of Health.

Currently, entrants are divided into Qatar in three lists. Completely against the coronavirus vaccinated from countries of the green list, where Germany is also, no quarantine must currently undergo. Not completely vaccinated from these countries, however, for seven days in daily compartments must be issued.

According to information from the German press agency, the rules for the World Cup are not yet fixed. At the Arab Cup in this November, unvaccinated players should be allowed to participate in tests, first had reported about it. Prime Minister Sheikh Khalid Bin Khalifa Bin Abdulaziz Al Thani had announced in June that at the World Cup (November 21, 18, 2022), only vaccinated viewers should get access to the stadiums.

By statements of the German national player Joshua Kimmich, a violent vaccine debate was last burned in Germany. The professional of Bayern had admitted not to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. This resulted in a partial understanding of severe criticism. He had personally a few more concerns, just what lacking long-term studies are concerned, Kimmich had declared.

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