Lineage Eternal will be called Throne and Liberty

This Lineage Eternal Aka Project TL has not yet been deleted by NCSoft? It turns out that no…

I will say more. Koreans actually intend to spend such Liberty on the market. And it s faster than we think. In the local intellectual property office, the following trademark has just registered:

TL: Throne and Liberty

We thought that the TL shortcut (from Project TL) means The Lineage in this case, but we used to confused. NCSoft decided to name Throne and Liberty, which means throne and freedom in Polish.

Registration of a trade mark can mean that we are really on the last straight before the premiere of the game.

Lineage Eternal: Extended Trailer

It would be nice, if NCSoft first released some… Gameplay from Project TL, I m sorry, Throne and Liberty. Because recent materials from the games come from the turn of 2017 and 2018. Since then, Baa could change, Baa has changed.

(That is why the following video treat as a general outline of the game)

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