5 strong lane rifles in Destiny 2 which underestimate many of you

Indestiny 2 is underestimated the strength of a lane rifle of most players. This gun genre has a lot to offer. We show you today the 5 winning track guns and why they may be important soon.

Track rifle calibration? Oooch Nööö . If Banshee offers this calibration according to the daily reset, then many guardians must first have a lane rifle from the vault or pull out of the collection. This gun genre is not too popular.

Trail guns have only a very small damage bar, they are not obviously the mega damaged realign at first glance.
Handling the energy beam does not succeed immediately. As the inexperienced lane gun player you sometimes swirl awkwardly through the air.
There are only exotic representatives of their kind, so they often have to make other exos that are just meta.

Therefore, you should not underestimate weapons of arms: track guns are in Destiny 2 similar to the linear fusion guns. Hardly anyone she liked and yet they are in Season 15 the current meta. Now she wants everyone because they are scary.

So it can change rapidly in Destiny 2, which is particularly well-maintained for weapons. Only a gun genre playing or to be determined is not a good idea for Players of Destiny 2.

However, that lane rifles have continued to be deserved to be respected more in principle, Agers Zepter has proven this Season 15. It was not only important for the story, but can also be a lot.

5: Dilapidated image

This lane gun comes directly from the darkness and the players had to earn it as part of a quest to destroy the eyes of Savathun .

Where do you get the exotic? The quest for dilapidated image is no longer available, but you can buy the lane rifle directly on the tower kiosk.

This is the special feature: This trace gun has the ability to produce transmutation spheres. These can then be lifted like a relic and can be used in a variety of ways.

You can strike with it and create so little adds from the neck.
Create a shield and race through enemies.
The shield sucks life energy, which creates enemies with a kind of oppression.
Or thunders the balls right on the floor, for a blank explosion.

If the weapon has a cat? There is a masterpiece catalyst for dilapidated image. This enhances the empty laser by 30% as soon as their enemies have influenced with the transmutation sphere.

Ranked 5, because the dilapidated image, compared to his siblings, rather poorly cut off. The effects are fun, but are not so strong after a Nerf during Beyond Light. In addition to the wave splitter , however, the only empty lane rifle and the variety of effects are basically very useful because it makes enemies not only sucking, but also suppressed.

4th place: Prometheus lens

Prometheus Lens is most likely but one of the oldest lane rifles in Destiny 2. It has been in the game since the DLC curse of Osiris (2017) and makes solar damage. Anyone who wants to get a sense of lane guns is best advised with her.

How to get the exotic? You get the exotic either as a random exo-drop or XURS weekly exotic engram.

This is the special feature: By kills With the Prometheus Lens you can load ammunition into the magazine. This allows players to burn down their enemies on the running band. In addition, the weapon produces a damaging thermal field that grows when run-fired.

If the weapon has a cat? Yes, with the masterpiece catalyst, stability and handling increase by +20. This makes the swirl of the beam can be better controlled.

The Prometheus Lens is our place 4, because it can fry small add-hordes quickly. Also in the PVP, especially in dynamics control, Prometheus lens is the strongest and first choice for players.

3rd place: cold heart

On cold heart Bungie was once damn proud. Three years ago, the trail gun was the first ice weapon from Destiny 2. maybe even a first cool inspiration for the stasis forces and weapons, which came into play since Beyond Light. Nevertheless, the Exotic is a bit one-sided. You just notice your age s weapon. Bungie is now much become creative in designing exotic weapons.

Where to get the Exotic? In Season 15 gets her cold heart at random from exotic engrams.

This is a special feature: too cold heart is really strong first over time. The longer you hold it so that at an enemy, the more you increase the damage output. You just have to meet. In addition, range and stability are very solid.

If the weapon has a Cat? More after-charging speed and +20 stability gives the masterpiece catalyst to the lane gun.

Despite the little mankos our place 3, because cold heart is still a good lane rifle, which cuts slightly better compared to the Prometheus lens in the PVE.

2nd place: Agers Zepter

Hardly in the game, the track rifle Agers Zepter quickly climbed to the top of the players at the top of the popularity scale. It is one of the best new additions in the season of the lost and is actually the true king of the awakened, Ulden SOV, or now better known as crow.

How to get the exotic? In order to be able to call Egers Scepter your own your own, you must complete the seasonal quest of the Season 15 in the footsteps of the stars . This can be done at the Wegfinder compass in the H.E.L.M. be collected.

This is the special feature: While all other lane rifles are energy weapons, you can only equip Agers scepters in the kinetics slot. It causes Stasis damage. His stats of stats are also solid in all values. The exotic Perk causes death for death to produce a slowing explosion with this weapon around the defeated target. Stasis deaths also carry ammunition from the reserves to the magazine of this weapon.

In combination with mods and skills, surprisingly effective builds resulting great.

An all stasis weapons currently make more than good jobs:

Does the weapon have a cat? Yes, and the catalyst even adds a third ability. This Perk takes the fully charged super energy of a latter and leaves the magazine over. This increases the damage of the beam and increases the ability of AGER s scepters to freeze and slow down targets. While the catalyst is active, he relates permanently the super energy. The effect of the advantage ends as soon as the super energy is used up, when recharging or when the weapon is plugged.

That s getting used to playing. You must always have in mind to activate the perk, to save the Ulti and not to use when fully charged.

The KAT for Agers Zepter is a random drop from the Loot boxes that drop you at the end of Astral orientation. Legendary even has a higher drop chance.

Square 1: Divinity

The divinity does not just mean, she also has divinely good qualities. Most players keep it for the crème de la crème of all track guns. It is the only RAID exotic, which is not dependent on chance and still own the divinity only a few players. But do not expect too much. The divinity is a support weapon.

Where do you get the exotic? The divinity gets in the garden of salvation RAID. He has been in the game since Shadowkeep. For the exotic you have to pick up a quest first in the Raid. Until then, there is no first difficulty.

However, the last step of the quest is to complete the RAID Garden of Salvation without breakouts and to do additional tasks. Similar to the catalyst for the RAID-Exotic Vex mythoclast catalyst. An error code Weasel or SteamServer, which are offline again, can already guarantee the players to guarantee the drop of this RAID exotic.

Instructions for how you can earn the RAID exotic can be found here:

This is the special feature: Nevertheless, it is worthwhile. The divinity makes each goal weak (debuff by 30%). The weapon creates a field that encloses the opponent and also enform the critical hitbox. As long as the field consists, the complete feeder makes more damage. The exotic is also strong against overcharge champions.

With the status values, the divinity surpasses all track rifles twice: almost 200 shot are available. The stability is on the stop.

Does the weapon have a cat? no, the divinity has no masterpiece catalyst yet.

Our undisputed place 1. Especially since the divinity has now proven itself on almost every endboss, many Raidbosses and infinitely many champions more than proven. If you do not own you, it may be supposed to consider whether he does not use this extended Season 15 for a trip to the garden.

This is still happening in Destiny 2 this week :

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Therefore, track guns could soon become meta: One should also consider that, especially in Season 15 with Agers Zepter, not simply a further lane gun has come. Bungie has also supplemented the associated mods in the game. Above all, the new ammunition mods for lane guns make themselves really well noticeable. The community speculates that, in addition to the secret code to the rocket launcher theory, maybe track guns could be 2022 meta. Just possible that you soon get your great shine. Have you already brought you all exotic lane rifles for your collection? What is your top favorite and could you imagine that players in Destiny 2 soon use legendary lane rifles?

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