The purchase of video games at launch has become a waste of punitive money

The US dollar (also abbreviated with Symbols $, US $ or its USD international standard) is the official currency of the United States, its dependencies and other countries. The dollar is the most important international reserve currency in the world and also the most used in international transactions. [2] Its status as a global reference currency has become the official currency of several countries and the de facto coin in many Others, [3] that use their role currency for current transactions or give a fixed exchange rate to their national currencies with respect to the dollar. The monetary policy of the United States is in charge of the Federal Reserve System, which acts as the Central Bank of the Nation and that is also responsible for the issuance of dollars. The ISO 4217 code for this coin is USD.
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In 2017, I was courted by the Japanese version of Dragon Quest XI. The 3DS version in particular charmed me with its graphic option 16 bits, and the magnificent art Akira Toriyama of the regular version in full HD was bewitching as always. It was the first time I was interested in a title of Dragon Quest since the early 2000s, Dragon Warriors 2: Cobi s Journey. When Dragon Quest XI finally arrived in the West, he had left the Game Boy graphic option that had stitched my interest, and it was made exclusively available for PS4. Instead, it contains a resolution 4K (which was and is certainly breathtaking on my PS4 Pro), a game of English voices, a first person camera mode and a difficult level of difficulty – all this (at the Exception of 4K visuals) that I personally found to be totally unpleasant. I still chose the game at a high price ($ 59.99 USD / 79.99 $ CAD) and I traveled the painful anime clichés and deliberately boring fighting, just to be able to enjoy art beautifully Directed by Akira Toriyama (also, Sylvando).

Last year, a new version of the game was published for the Nintendo Switch with the 16-bit graphic option that sold me the game in the first place. It is also delivered with extensive intrigue points, an orchestral soundtrack, an option to speed up battles, more monster mounts, a photo mode, the following NPCs and a small clever mechanic where you can visit the worlds of the Previous Dragon Quest games for additional secondary missions. Naturally, these are all things that I like absolutely, as well as many other players, because they are really impressive additions that improve the game at a fundamental level. This version of the game is also reissued this week for Xbox, PS4 and PC, and comes with a demo that brings your progress registered with the full version. In addition, it will cost $ 39.99 / $ 53.99 CAD

I also feel like I was scammed in one way or another – even though, in all honesty, I may have had to know better. Reseals and definitive editions are not new in the video game industry, annual sports games and the half-year upgrades of combat games being among the most flagrant practices. But it goes back to the end of the 1980s and in the early 90s. The original Quest Dragon came to the west three years after its original exit on the NES with its own improvements. Updated graphics and direction-oriented character sprites were changes in quality of life, but battery-powered RAM to save the game could change the way someone plays when they have security to cancel the decisions they can be dissatisfied. None of the changes made to DQXI: S has as much impact, but it is difficult not to feel like having a smaller and incomplete experience with DQXI. There is also no known reason or implicit for this content can not be corrected for free in the existing game or sold separately as a DLC pack. Here in the West, the only way to get the full experience is to buy Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition. This sticks especially because I bought the original digitally version, which means that I do not even have the opportunity to exchange it and pay a little less for the updated version.

Now, I mentioned at the beginning of this writing that I am not a fan of the fight or history, which both make up all this JRPG of more than 100 hours. So why would I like to have a complete experience anyway? Well, it seems that this additional content could mitigate some of the problems I have with these aspects of the game. To accelerate the fight on a whim would save a ton of time spent rhythmically on x While waiting for the end of a battle. Or maybe these additional story beats for each character who is not Sylvando (who is so fun and awesome) would give me more reasons to interest me – at all – their stakes in the story. In addition, I am completely sorry to be able to see the members of my group follow me everywhere, and be able to visit the worlds of other games Dragon Quest seems interesting. Above all, what sold me on the game in the first place would be included. It would be really nice.

But I really spent too much time talking about this example with which I am personally disagree while there are so many other guilty of the same crime.

At the initial exit from Horizon Zero Dawn on February 28, 2017 for PS4, its complete PDSF was $ 59.99 USD / $ 79.99 CAD. Less than a year later, on December 5, 2017, the game was reissued with the downloadable content The Frozen Wilds, as well as the additional content of the luxury digital edition like Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for $ 49.99 USD / $ 59.99 CAD. Those who had bought the game at launch still had to buy The Frozen Wilds at its standard PDSF for $ 19.99 USD / $ 29.99 (I should note that PS + subscribers had a small discount on the DLC), this which means they should spend almost a hundred US dollars (and more than a hundred in Canada) to have complete content and experience. In some ways, it could be compared to waiting for a game to be put on sale – but it s really not the same thing. When I bought the DLC UNDEAD Nightmare of Red Dead Redemption at a price only only for sale the next day, I was not angry with Xbox or Rockstar. The content was released for a few months at that time, and I had only me and my impatience to blame. In the case of Horizon Zero Dawn, the game had only been released for 8 months when the full edition was announced. Once again, it was difficult to feel anything but confused knowing that if I had waited, I could have been able to pay half the price I had originally for the experience and use this money elsewhere .

Earlier this year, 505 games upset the fans of Remedy s Control by announcing an ultimate edition of the game that comes with the packaged DLC for $ 39.99 USD / $ 49.99 after the initial launch of the game at $ 59.99 USD / 79.00 $ CAD with a season subscription for $ 24.99 USD / $ 33.99 CAD. It s not the ultimate edition itself that upset the fans, although it was announced a few weeks from the first anniversary of the game. This is currently the only way to get the update version New generation of the game. 505 even doubled this decision, saying, Every avenue we followed, there was a form of blocker and these blockers meant that at least one group of players ended up being excluded from The upgrade for various reasons. From today, we can not offer upgrading to everyone, and leave a side group is unfair. They mention that the 2019 version of the game would be backward compatible with the new consoles in the same statement, but it seems that they have chosen to leave aside the only group of people who have supported the game from the very beginning.

It also seems very strange and Remedy did not find a way of upgrading for their existing players base considering Gearbox, Codemasters, Behavior Interactive, Ubisoft, Studio Wildcard, IO Interactive, Bungie, EPIC Games, TripWire Interactive, Hello Games, Frontier Developments, several developers under Microsoft Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment, as well as CD Projekt Red, could all understand that for theirs. Adding insults to injury, shortly after the ad, a handle of users noticed that their game copies had been upgraded to the ultimate edition, which was then canceled. This essentially shows that the upgrade could be activated for existing owners apparently by simply pressing a switch. Given that other games are created on different engines and have other technological limitations in place, it may be unfair to say that this could be the case for all new generation upgrades. But given the above-mentioned list of developers who have resolved, associated with those who have managed to improve things on the One X and the PS4 Pro, I imagine it s not too far.

Speaking of new generation upgrades, I expect to see a little more of this type of reissue practice taking place with recent titles, especially during the first years of the new console cycle. We already see it in action with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, and the new generation of Spider-Man 2018 being locked behind the ultimate edition of the new Spider-Man: moral miles. I find that this last method is less offensive if a publisher decides that a new generation upgrade must be monetized because it fills the new price of $ 69.99 USD / $ 89.99 CAD in a way that I find precious. That being said, I would certainly not like to see the tendency to integrate a new generation remaster from an older game to compensate for the lack of content in the new title just to complete this price. And just to be clear, it s nothing against moral miles – in fact, I love it more than Spider-Man 2018 – I just specify that such a trend would not be much in any case. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition essentially adds a character, more difficult mode and visual improvements as the upgrade of Borderlands 3, but with a price of $ 39.99 USD / $ 49.99 CAD. If other games have proven that this content could be added in a free update, why should I feel obliged to pay for that?

There is also the NiOH collection that will be released for PS5 in February, which includes visually upgraded versions of the two NIOH games, all DLCs for each title, and you can even import your backups from PS4 (the collection also arrives on PC. But you can not bring your PS4 backups to this version as far as I know of this writing). This is interesting because you can buy remasters separately for $ 49.99 USD / 64.99 $ CAD each or you can get grouped for $ 69.99 USD / 89.99 CAD, and players who already have Niioh 2 And one of his DLCs will receive the upgrade for free. However, NIOH 1 will not benefit from the free upgrade. So in the case of NIOH 1, it is not so painful because the game will have initially launched 4 years before the date of its remaster. But Niioh 2 dropped earlier this year in March. Like Horizon Zero Dawn, it will be reissued less than a year later for a lower price with more content. This is another example where the purchase of a throwing game has been found not to be a particularly rewarding investment.

Now, it s not a revising story about how the purchase of game games gives you nothing more than a big finger from the game industry or a pre-festive grievance broadcast. The real question posed by this regular number is not a question to which I can answer, but it may be worth considering the value for yourself while we enter into a new generation of consoles and that the PDSFs increase. A game is worth it its full price on its launch, knowing that it is very likely that it is not only put on sale, but also reissued at a lower price with more content and maybe a better presentation? The value of it will depend on each person for each game, and what you will evaluate, this is the value of the speed with which you have to experience it. The truth may be unfortunate for many people will probably not, they do not need to experience it as soon as it is available. It may not be so true for many people regarding cinema and television, but it will be especially true for video games. The reasons why I appreciate the entertainment in this way are because – finally, for one, they bring me an immense joy – but also because it is the main way I relate to people. Discussing contemporary pop culture is my express way to understand people around me, so when they evoke their favorite story or experience, I want to have the most insightful conversation with them about it. So, from my point of view, if I am selling an incomplete experience, I do not just miss things that I could really appreciate within it, like some graphic mode or a narrative content and an additional context. I could also miss an opportunity to connect to someone in a way that I appreciate.

Some may consider that it is justified to suggest that the additional content given to late users should be free or at a reduced price for early users who have paid more, but pay for a game to launch looks more like a punishment with the weather. I can not blame people who do not want to pay one hundred dollars or more in any currency for an incomplete experience. Why bother, when they can wait for it to be put on sale, reissue more content, go to Game Pass / PS Now or buy it used? Especially in a world where salaries have not properly increased depending on the cost of goods. As I mentioned, it s an unfortunate practice that I plan to exacerber because the first users of the new consoles are looking for the appropriate content and try to have the best possible version of the games they love without losing thousands of dollars On a gaming PC (where they should anyway buy back some games). Let s hope that goodwill, active players statistics and other benefits that developers and publishers derive from the new generation publication of updates for existing titles persuading others to do the same. In all other cases, do your best to vote with your dollar wisely.

What do you think of buying games at launch? Are there any games you bought to be reissued with more content later? As always, tell us what you think about comments and stay tuned to cogconnected for all your news on the games!

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