Electronic Arts FIFA wants to award license to several parties Rumor EA SPORTS FC as a new name for FIFA

1998 FIFA World Cup was the first videogame of the FIFA World Cup saga after obtaining the license by FIFA in 1997. It was created by EA Canada and distributed by EA Sports for Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. Unlike the predecessor games developed by the disappeared U.S. Gold, who used 2D graphics, this game contained 3D graphics. 1998 FIFA World Cup uses 3D engine and uses DirectX for PC. Real uniforms were introduced from national teams (with the exception of goalkeepers, which used a generic uniform). The graphics are practically equal to those of FIFA 98. It also includes selections that failed to classify the World Cup (these were included because they were considered important).

Update of 19 October 2021, 11:58 am:

Meanwhile, FIFA has also published a statement and announced the expansion of the gaming and e-sports portfolio . The FIFA wants to reposition itself in the gaming and e-sports area for business to meet decisions in the sense of all football stakeholders . They were encountered that not only one party alone may control all rights and thus Electronic Arts or EA Sports is no longer the only FIFA licensee (from 2023).

The FIFA writes: Technology and mobile companies actively endeavor to work with the FIFA, their platforms and global tournaments. (…) FIFA in turn is in contact with various industry representatives, including analysts, developers and investors, To develop long-term strategy for the gaming, e-sports and interactive entertainment sector.

The relationship and affinity that the gaming and e-sports market has built up with the FIFA clearly show that football gaming and the FIFA belong together. (…) FIFA will also work on everything, To better link e-sports and FIFA football competitions. It will therefore use the FIFA Football World Cup (four billion spectators at the last issue) and the FIFA Women s World Cup (1.2 billion spectators at the last issue) To launch and integrate exciting new games and E-Sport Offers.

Polygon had discovered at the beginning of October that the game publisher has the EA SPORTS FC brand – under certain circumstances as a new name for the FIFA series.

Original notification from October 14, 2017, 12:23 pm:

On 31 December 2022 (ie after the World Cup in Qatar), the long-term partnership between Electronic Arts and the FIFA will end in accordance with the contract. Whether the contract is renewed is still unclear, because the New York Times reports that the negotiations on the renewal of the contract have been held for at least two years.

The reason: The FIFA wants more money for the license. The report is based on data from several people who would be related to the negotiations. Meanwhile, EA Sport even seems to be considering the failure of the negotiations, because Cam Weber (GROUP General Manager of EA Sports) brought the possible renaming of the football game publicly into play, most likely to increase the pressure on FIFA (we reported).

According to the report, the FIFA of Electronic Arts or EA Sports demands the double amount for the license (more than $ 1 billion every four years).

Since the FIFA license EA SPORTS only grants the use of the name and the logo of the organization as well as the rights to the World Cup (…) The playman seems to have come to the conclusion that a termination of cooperation is not the kind of It would be the existential threat with which he would be confronted when he would lose the licenses for another extremely popular sports series, Madden NFL, says in the report.

In addition, the possibilities of Electronic Arts should be restricted to earn money with the licensed brand beyond the game.

FIFA would prefer to limit the exclusive rights of EA to the narrow parameters of use in a football match, probably in the effort to find new sources of revenue for the rights that would keep it. EA SPORTS, on the other hand, the view that it represents The company should be allowed to use other possibilities within its FIFA video game ecosystem, such as: For example, highlights from current games, arena video game tournaments and digital products such as NFTs, writes the New York Times.

A New Report in The @nytimes States That The Dispute Between EA and FIFA is Related to Cost and New Revenue Streams

FIFA Wants to Charge EA Double The Amount ($ 1BN + Every 4 Years) for The License and Limit EA s Ability to Monetise Beyond The Game Itselfhttps: //T.CO/GNAS9IZ9B pic.twitter.com/hz9ynozdmn

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