This not a game first PS cult work LSD Celebrating a game production event celebrating the 23rd anniversary Based on Dream production time is 3 months

The Best Adventure Game Trailers for the STEAM Big Adventure Game Event

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It is a 3D adventure game LSD that is now released in the first playerStation in 1998, but the game production event sponsored by overseas fans is LSDJAM 2021 started.

This event celebrates the 23rd anniversary of LSD and creates an interactive experience based on the same motif dream , with love to the unique male game. The production period is 3 months. The examination is also the purpose of making funny works without winning losses. 148 people have expressed their participation at the time of article writing. By the way, LSDJAM was held last year and 20 works were produced.

What kind of work will appear this year? The official Discord server can interact with other fans, and it seems that channels are also available to post their dream experiences.

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