Monthan Rise Sambraek Master Lank implementation New monster and reinforced individual appeared

Capcom announced that new Master Cank is implemented at the Hunting Action Game Monster Hunter Lise: Sun Break for Nintendosewich / STEAM. In addition to new monsters, the Master Lank quest has a powerful monster, which has appeared in Monhan Rise , and it appears that new motion attacks are repeated.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak | Everything We Know So Far - New Monsters, New Moves & Location
Monster Hunter World: Icebone also appeared Master Lank appeared in Sambraek . While losing the word G-class between fans, Monhan Rise that appeared in Monhan Rise , such as Ma Gaishagado s new motion , etc. What happens to what happens?

The powerful individual is also used in the Monhan Rise delivery event quest, and on October 22, a powerful individual of Naruha Tatahime appeared. It is not possible to say new motion and can not be said to be identical, but the voice of thinking of Sunbrae also increased.

Monster Hunterize: Sunbrae will be released in summer of 2022.

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