Azul Lane October 21 Thu From October Event Hymn Reprinted of Samurai is being held In addition the fourth chapter 14 of the main story is added

The quest for the historic Jesus includes scholastic initiatives to establish what words and activities, if any, might be attributed to Jesus, as well as to use the findings to give portraits of the historic Jesus. Considering that the 18th century, three scholarly quests for the historic Jesus have taken place, each with distinct qualities and based upon various study standards, which were commonly created during each certain phase. These pursuits are identified from earlier approaches because they count on the historic method to research scriptural narratives. While textual evaluation of scriptural sources had actually taken location for centuries, these pursuits presented new techniques and details methods to establish the historical validity of their conclusions.The enthusiasm shown throughout the initial mission lessened after Albert Schweitzer s review of 1906 in which he pointed out numerous imperfections in the strategies utilized at the time. The second mission started in 1953 as well as presented a variety of brand-new techniques, however got to a plateau in the 1970s. In the 1980s a variety of scholars progressively began to introduce new research suggestions, launching a third pursuit identified by the newest research study techniques. Given that the late 2000s, worries have been growing regarding the effectiveness of the standards of authenticity.While there prevails academic arrangement on the presence of Jesus as well as a fundamental agreement on the basic outline of his life, the portraits of Jesus constructed in the missions have often varied from each other and also from the image portrayed in the gospel accounts. There are overlapping attributes among the pictures as well as, while pairs of scholars may settle on some characteristics, those same scholars might vary on various other characteristics and also there is no single picture of the historical Jesus that satisfies most scholars.

Yostar Co., Ltd. is the application Azul Lane for smartphones operated by the Company, also after maintenance, and after maintenance, it will be held by the reprint of the Hymino s hymno of the Battle of the Battle, and the main after maintenance. Informed the story that Chapter 14 was added.

Postproof event God s hymno (reprint) is being held!

Currently, the front event event Hymn of the god is being reprinted. This event is divided into two of the first half preparation phase and the second half quest phase, and in the preparation phase, the target ship needed to clear in a partial mission of the quest phase the experience value obtained at the time of normal sea area dispatch UP. By clearing some quests in the quest phase, you can earn a limited chat frame Iris Heromo .

● Preparation phase October 21, 2021 Maintenance to Maintenance from October 28, 2021 ● Quest Phase October 28th after maintenance-November 17, 2021, until 23:59

Limited time event enhancement unit campaign Gas Cogne is being held!

Once the scientific research item is completed during the campaign period, it is possible to obtain up to 30 strengthening units of the special plan ship Gas Cogne .
※ The acquisition status of the reinforcement unit can be confirmed by the event banner.
※ The reinforcement unit obtained in this event is not included in the upper limit (300) of the scientific laboratory reinforcement oriented .

In addition, challenge mode 11th period that can acquire new icon frames is also started.

Added Chapter 14 to the main story

Chapter 14 has been added to the main story. Chapter 14 is the current highest difficulty sea area. Because it is permanent content, it is recommended to prepare and capture the choice and equipment.
In addition, in the stage of Chapter 14, a new ship New Orleans appears as a new ship, and bad weather (deterioration) is added as a new gimmick.

New Ships: Heavy Cruiser New Orleans is implemented!

Nemedip of New Orleans-class squeezed permanent, who received a large-scale repair once in War.
She has a calm atmosphere with a calm character, but her core strength is known from the place of her behavior.

About the new gimmick bad weather (visibility) added by the stage of Chapter 14

In the main sea area 14 chapter, the stage effect bad weather is applied during battle. In the bad weather (visibility) map, concealment range and concealment gauge appear that the enemy attack is difficult to aim in battle. As long as there is a concealment range and hiding gauge , the attack is not a goal, but attacks towards a random point of concealment.

Alien s concealment range and enemy hiding gauge effects are reduced over time, and the concealment range is displayed as circle around the fleet. The size of the concealment range is affected by the avoidance of the prayer fleet, and the enemy water shift on the screen is slightly recovered (enlarged).
Each enemy ship has a hiding gauge . The smaller the enemy concealment gauge remains, the easier the attack of the ally, the lower the speed of the enemy hiding gauge, the status of the side of the side of the side of the side of the sight, or the equipment of the ally radar equipment. Please note that enemies that use lighting bullets and findings that invalidate the concealment range of the ally will also appear.

You can also advance the battle more advantageously by following the gimmass (light replenishment, lighthouse) in the stage. When the lighting effect is acquired, the lighting bullet that can be invalidated for a certain period of time for a fixed time effect is fired, and when the finding light effect is acquired, the hiding gauge effect of the battle enemy is irradiated for a fixed time for a fixed time. It will be done. Let s advance combat with these gimmics.

In addition, in bad weather maps, we will also acquire discovery gauge as well as carparents other than the aircraft of the ally fleet. Other descriptions for bad weather can also be referenced in the game in the game.

For other update details, please check the announcement of the game and the notification of the official site (

Azul Lane

Azul Lane is a horizontal scroll shooter RPG app game that combines a beauty girl character who has anthropomorphic character and fights the enemy (for Android / iOS).
Both auto mode and manual mode are equipped and you can play a fun if you are not good at shooting games.

■ Azul Lane download is here ■ Android ■ ios

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