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Fighting video games in vehicles (or vehicular combat) are video games where the main objectives of the gameplay include armed vehicles with weapons such as machine guns, lasers, missiles, launchers, chainsaw, flamethrowers, cocktail cocktails, tube pumps, pomegranates and Other improvised weapons, who try to destroy vehicles controlled by the CPU or by contrary players. Gender normally presents a variety of different vehicles available to play, each with its own strengths, weaknesses and special attack skills. Players can also unlock hidden vehicles when completing certain tasks in the game. Traditionally, vehicular combat video games focus on fast-paced action within the vehicle, rarely, if you ever grant role elements or other elements. Videogames can include racing topics, but are generally secondary to action. [1]

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the most popular anime and manga series of recent years. It s not surprising that you will now find the world of video games with The Hindokami Chronicles. The game was developed by CyberConnect2, Sega acts in this country as Publisher.

The various modes of the fighting game all have the same gameplay: On a three-dimensional battlefield, it is important to bring the opponent s life to 0 using various attacks and abilities. There is a selection of characters from the series available. Most must first be activated in story mode. This is also experienced only in the single player, which greatly limits multiplayer options at the beginning of the game.

Table of contents

  1. 1 of demons and humans
  2. 2Fantica presentation
  3. 3inquis too easy
  4. 4 fun for short duration
  5. 5 Caught in an identity crisis

of demons and people

These two girls have Tanjiro on his way to the demon hunter. Source: PC Games In Story mode, the action of the first season of the series is told: in the Taisho era of Japan, in which people are afraid of human-friendly demons, a boy named Tanjiro Kamado completes his training to the Demon Hunter. These are a group of soldiers who want to protect humanity before saying demons.

Creepy: These demons used to be people. No one is more consciously as Tanjiro, because after a demon attack on his family, only his sister Neozo survived next to him, which also turned into a demon in this incident. Now Tanjiro hopes as the demon hunter to find the cause of the propagating demon curse and a remedy for his sister.

Fantastic presentation

So many an ultimate technique triggers a bombed explosion! Source: PC Games Overall, the story is told in eight chapters. The interleaves set out in the choice of English or Japanese synchronous speakers are an optical eye pasture and create it, the story for people who are neither familiar with the anime nor the manga understandable. However, the game ends in a cliff hanger – understandable as it is based on the current state of the anime series. But this is not such an independent act in the game and who wants to know how it continues, is forced to either look at the anime or read the manga.

The gameplay is for the most part split into two parts: besides the fights known from the other modes, according to which one is rated with a rank, there are also different areas to explore. These can be found in these a variety of collective objects. On the one hand, the scattered reminder fragments are used to unlock additional sequences that can be accessed at any time via the pause screen. These tell additional background information of history.

Although this is completely synchronized, but not animated – instead they are presented in a slideshow-like format. On the other hand, there are so-called kimetsu points in the levels, the in-game currency of the game, with which free-lockable content can be purchased. SideQuests can also be found through which content can also be unlocked.

Just too easy

In this mini-game, it is important to inflate a pumpkin-shaped bottle to the bursting. What this has to do with the succession of demons? Good question! Source: PC Games All these objects and missions are marked on a map and thus easily findable. Of hiding and exploration, one can hardly talk – one goes at most a detour in the already quite linear levels. In general, the story mode lacks the challenge, because the CPU opponents, against which one starts, are mostly pretty easy for newcomers.

In addition, the degree of difficulty can not be changed, which makes it easy to reach S-rank in many struggles. If you die yourself in a fight, you can revive yourself as often as you like. One only gives up the S-rank, which one can continue to get involved in the final conclusion of the level.

Also striking are Chapter 6 and 7. Here, the story comes to a drastic grip that interrupts the action as well as the gameplay enormously. Instead of fighting, rhythm-like mini-games are completed here. Especially so shortly before the final chapter of the game, these passages feel very out of place.

fun for a short duration

Many of the characters attack in close combat with water. Source: PC Games In addition to the story mode, there are also classic versus mode, where you can compete either against CPUs or locally and online against other players. Here one chooses two characters, which can be changed in the course of the fight after filling the bar or help to attack the opponent or protect one in front of an opposing attack.

The latter is particularly strategically relevant, as the help of the partner character is the only way to free itself from an opposing attack combination. Otherwise, the combat system is similar to those of other anime combat games: There are standard attacks, special attacks, grip and throwing techniques and a special list for particularly strong attacks.

Through the filled bar you can also give yourself a boost that makes a faster and stronger. This presentation is not revolutionary, but very well implemented. The control is easy to learn and intuitive, but still leaves enough space for more complex and individual ways.

Of course, the different characters also have their own moves as well as alternative outfits, but leaving the choice of characters to be desired. A total of eighteen characters are available to release, six more will be added later via free updates and were not available for our test.

Under the eighteen selectable characters there are numerous clones of other characters, while some fan favorite is missing. The moves of many figures resemble strong and many of them are only other characters in school clothing. These school versions of the characters are based on Chuukou Ikkan !! Kimetsu Gakuen Monogatari , a spin-off anime of the Demon-Slayer franchise, and can thus be considered as a fan service. However, with the exception of the humorous staged ultimate attacks, they differ only visually from the original versions and are therefore hardly more than more alternative outfits.

In addition, alternative versions of the characters can not be selected as a partner for the original variants. Stages also differ only visually from each other and offer no individual properties, thereby feeling fighting quite fast monotonous. When testing on the PS5 player 2 had to register again after each fight – weird.

Caught in an identity crisis

Here you can get rewards for different services or buy. Source: PC Games If you want to deepen yourself in the combat system, the training mode is available in addition to the self-explanatory tutorial mode, where struggles must be denied under different conditions. For online mode, fighter cards can also be created, which can be personalized with selected screenshots of the anime series as well as a selection of quotes of the different characters – but they do not have an effect on the gameplay.

In the archives, the activation conditions can also be looked up of all sorts of additional content. These conditions could be, among other things, to obtain a certain rank in a chapter in story mode, to deny a certain number of online battles or much more. Anyone who does not feel like a task can alternatively purchase this content with Kimetsu points. Available here are unlockable characters, alternative outfits, stages or pictures and quotes for the fighter card.

Probably the biggest problem of the game is the question for whom a purchase is worthwhile at full price. Fans of the series will be guaranteed to enjoy the exciting fighting in the plot itself. Who interests only the story and not the gameplay would be better advised either with the anime or manga.

For fans of battle games without interest in the series, the game does not provide enough content, because the multiplayer is fun, but it will quickly monotone and calls on the player to play the story mode to unlock characters and stages. A purchase at full price is therefore worthwhile only for those who are already interested in the series and also fans of fighting games.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hindokami Chronicles has been to have since 14 October 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

My opinion

Fromniklas Poelen

Not intended for everyone

When someone who was not very familiar with the anime nor with the manga to Demon Slayer too much, I had a lot of fun with this game. Presumably, I will even watch the anime now to see how it goes on. Since you could mean, the game would have fulfilled its task. But does it offer enough to bring newcomers who do not play for a test to pay the full price rather than just looking at the anime? I do not think so. If your fans of Demon SLAYER and combat, you will love this game. But those who are looking for here as I get an entry into the world of Demon Slayer should at least wait for a discount. See all 6 pictures in the gallery So many an ultimate technique triggers a bombed explosion! [Source: PC Games] From Niklas Poelen author & Lukas Schmid Editorial manager 19.10.2021 at 18:00

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