Figure Imagine Super Mario inside One Piece

If you ever imagined how it would look like super mario within the world of one piece , then you can leave the imagination aside thanks to this new collector of fat lane toys. With 25 centimeters tall, and a fairly high price, this new figure can be yours starting next year.

Known as One Peach: One Love , this figure shows us Super Mario as a character of One Piece and the truth is that it is very well detailed. Because of this, its price will be of $ 440 dollars and it is estimated that shipments begin from February 2022. The bad news is that they could take between three and four months when it comes to you, as well as that Costs can change at any time and without prior notice .

Below we leave you a gallery with product images:

Would you be willing to spend so much money in this figure? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Editor s note: Although the figure is amazing, the bad thing is to have to wait for all that time so that your order is processed. And it is yes, pay $ 440 for something and having to wait months for their arrival can be frustrating, as well as we do not know what kind of communication this company can have with its customers.

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Via: Kotaku

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