The Squad Suicide Trailer Kill The Justice League reveals the first look at The Flash Green Lantern

With the revelation of Easquad suicide: Kill those of the Justice League. Last advancement of DC Fandome, now we have obtained our best look at the characters of the game. These include the four main playable characters that we will see more, those characters are Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and King Shark. However, along with those characters, we also saw for the first time a couple of villains that will be present in the game, including The Flash and Green Lantern.

Both Flash and Green Lantern were periodically seen along the trailer, although we saw more than the first. Sometimes Green Lantern is shown using the ring of it to conjure massive weapons while presumably points to the suicide squad. Sometimes it also looks at Flash, but it does not look so good. His face is distorted with purple eyes, what we suppose is an effect of Braniac s influence over the Justice League.

Apart from these two characters, we also saw brief flashes of Wonder Woman, but she saw her much less frequently than the other two. In fact, it seemed that the trailer intentionally hid the face of it since we only saw the loop of it extended from it off the screen, and when she blocked the bullets of Deadshot, her hands crossed in front of her face To prevent us from seeing him well.

With regard to the characters that are not superhero, we also saw our best look until now to Amanda Waller, the cold organizer of the suicidal squad that directs them in his missions. Waller recently appeared as part of a marketing campaign in which people could call or send a text message to the number of it, which earned them several text messages related to the game, as well as a reminder about the DC event Fandome The penguin also showed up in the game towards the end of the trailer, but she was more a shot than a real antagonist.

The game still does not have a launch date, but at least we have the synopsis and this new look at the game to stop until it is revealed more.

The creators of the Batman series: Arkham are back with a new game of action shots and adventures, reads in a preview of the game. The most dangerous villains of the DC universe have been forced to join and assume a new mission: to kill the Justice League. Create chaos in metropolis. You are the suicidal squad.

Suicide Ecuadrón: Mata to the Justice League is scheduled to launch in 2022.

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