Five months later the second million was there Social networks as a minor earnings

Many professional footballers from the upper leagues on social networks. But also millions from the lower classes are active on the social media channels – partly also more successful than the professionals. For example, the brothers Pascal and Marcel Gurk. Pascal, for the West Regional Leader VfB Homberg, the outdoor trainer, and Marcel, his sign of two German champions in freestyle, serve the popular video platform Tiktok, because Tiktok is currently the topic as Pascal is located.

Overall, however, social media at each footballer has an important value, with one more, in the other less. This is noticeable on how often the items and what they are released by privacy, says the 21-year-old, beside football and Tiktok As a self-employed person works in various companies in online marketing. The privacy taboo is for the brothers: Our content always has to do with the ball. What we do privately, we are less the fan of, explains Marcel, who likes to be a variety of artist artists with the ball for various events Be booked – be it during training with the national team or for advertising recordings.

Five months for two million

The rise of the two was rapidly: The million was the big goal. I thought that lasts five, six, seven years. But then the million came relatively fast, says Pascal and goes on: four, five months later Was the second million there, now we are still 50,000 before the third million. This is very impressive if you think about how much people that are. With the advent of social networks, the revenue situation has improved greatly, adds Brother Marcel, so that you can live quite normal .

I have less pressure now because I am financially no longer dependent on football.

Nader El-Jindaoui

These possibilities confirms another profiteer of social networks, nader el-jindaoui. The currently leading scorer of the Regionalliga Northeast has more than a million followers on Instagram – about twice as many as Union-Profi Max Kruse – and is just underneath with its YouTube channel. However, the 24-year-old does not fully perform football tricks, but forms part of life with his wife Louisa on YouTube, which is a profitable business. I have less pressure, because I m not financially dependent on football, said the striker.

Pandemic favors marketing

You realize that social media channels have gotten a tremendous meaning in sports, says Christoph Bertling, Deputy Head of the Institute of Communication and Media Research at the German Sporthochecuscle Cologne, In the time of the pandemic, these channels have once again Importance increased. However, it is a competitive market: The Winner Takes It All , prescribed Bertling the respective business models, Many earn nothing because of too little reach. There is also a strategic infrastructure on the Internet. And there are only a few professionals who serve this infrastructure. Although the field of providers is broad, according to Bertling, however, has the commonality, the image that the athletes have from their sports to convey. It is a perspective in their own interest – it is a kind of marketing.

But not only footballers live public and use this possibility of marketing. Güney Artak is also active on Instagram, if not quite as successful. The referee from Hanover posts mainly stages of his career as Kickboxer. Thus, a monetization is not necessarily given, but the 32-year-old world champion in heavyweight gives himself a lot of respect for the problem games, which is also happy to take over Schlachter called Artak, much respect.

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