Criticize demon Slayer for excess violence

Demon Slayer Definitely one of the most popular animes currently, with hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. The work of koyoharu gotouge has received many praises since it was premiered in 2020, but lately, it also began to receive several criticisms for excess violence .

It happens that a small group of people presented a series of complaints before the Organization for improvement of programs and ethics of broadcasting (BPO) , non-governmental organism that is responsible for controlling the media in Japan , with respect to Demon Slayer and its violent content.

Specifically, one of these individuals said that the anime had many scenes of bloodshed and cruelty , while another of those involved commented feeling discomfort with the grotesque representations of devoured people, mutilation of extremities and other terrible acts of violence .

Surprisingly, BPO stated that, due to the popularity and success of the anime, the content showed Demon Slayer was acceptable for the Japanese general public, so Fuji TV will continue to transmit it in schedule stellar.

Editor s note: Certainly surprising that after complaints, BPO decided not to do anything about it. Do not get me wrong, I think your answer was fine, it s just amazed at this especially with the strict and sensitive that can become Japanese organisms with this type of topics.

Via: Soranews24

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