LOL The most hated champion of Toplane receives a great improvement for the next patch

The latest news and information about the 11.21 patch of League of Legends have jumped alarms for players who like to play in the upper lane. And it is that one of the more hated champions in La Crack of the invoker could return through the big door after the improvements that Riot Games has given the champion. It is about Teemo , the little Yordle Explorer who has left more than one player without a keyboard after stepping on one of him in the river.

Although the buffs to Teemo do not increase the damage of it, yes that improve their ability to launch skills and annoy the enemy . Especially because all the power of the launch of him with the cerbatana will be much harder than what we are accustomed. And it is that the increase in blindness and projectile speed can be clearly a point in favor for the small yordle, which can be a blunt pick for the current goal, since Tryndamere is One of its greatest counter in the sum invoator crack.

In addition, the versatility of the champion with these improvements can cause movement to other streets and roles on the map as in the jungle and that it can be a choice of magical damage in the forest thanks to its passive and It is good synergy with strong champions in Soloq as Miss Fortune , Lee without or Yone. We will have to wait for the first sensations in the PBE and on the official server to find out if these changes are sufficient for up to everything high in all the Tier Lists O will not be enough and will remain at the current level.

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