In favor of GTA 6 Rockstar strokes mysterious action

Rockstars Action Game Agent is finally history. After it has been quiet for years around the mysterious game of GTA developers, Rockstar has now missed the game the last sare gauge and removed it from his website.

Agent: Rockstar strokes secret agent game from the website

About 12 years ago, Rockstar officially announced a new action game called agent . The secret agent thriller should appear exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and put you in the role of different agents during the time of the Cold War, who have to complete dangerous missions around the globe and come to a conspiration.

But soon after the announcement it was silent for the ambitious games project. The fans never showed a trailer or even screenshots, only some artworks and lactic images prove that agent was really developing.

Although there have been no news for a felt felt, some fans still hope that the publisher has not yet put on the development. But at the latest now, the last hope fortune should be gone, Rockstar Games has removed the game from his official website .

Why is the development failed?

There is not yet an official opinion on the part of Rockstar Games yet. However, it can be assumed that the project was placed on ice many years ago and RockStar has only now decided to pay the entry finally from the game database.

Many players suspect that agent was set because the studio had to ambitious goals that did not implement on the PS3 . After the start of the PS4, it was then decided to set the development.

Others, on the other hand, remember that the game was set because the concept of singleplayer game offered too little potential for microtransaktions . All of these theories, however, are merely speculation. Rockstar has not yet called a reason for the attitude of agent – and it can be assumed that the company will not comment on.

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