Wow What does it have the evil nightborns on the test server

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With Patch 9.1.5 by WoW: Shadowlands get the nightborn new eyes variations, hairstyles, jewelery and many other character adjustment options. The players are looking forward to just the new male nightborns come well in the WoW community.

Why? With the latest optical adjustments, the developers have shot something out of the target. Thus, the faces of the male nightborn are strangely consumed at the moment on the test server and scary. The gloomy look even makes the dark mines of Illidan and its demon hunters in the shadows.
Wow: What does it have the evil nightborns on the test server? (2) Source: nightborn heroes The reason for this are the new eye parts that do not really fit the faces of the male nightborn. Well, the graphic team of World of Warcraft (Buy Now 14.99 €) experiments a lot to look around the nightborns like the classic elves of Suramar, who came with Wow: Legion into the game.

Graphical adjustments in WoW and their pitfalls

We often do not think that even the smallest graphic updates will quickly become a true challenge. Namely, the models of the nightborn heroes are based on Suramar s elves, but on the models of night elves. With this art grip, the graphic artist saved a lot of developing time at the time. The problem you are working on is that the individual elements like the facial features of the classic nightborn born do not really fit the current nightborn-hero models. In the female models, the developers had apparently much more scope in adapting, they look goodbye.

But do not worry, Blizzard is currently working on a solution to this problem. In the WOW Forum, Community Manager Linxy announced that they have already noticed the mistake for themselves and doing all the way to make the male night born no longer be angry .

We ve Taken A Look at the Male NightBorne Faces Based On Your Feedback And Found A Little Angrier Than Intended. The Issue Has Been Fixed and the Changes Should be available on the Ptr Next Week.

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Please Let Us Know What You Think When They re Available and Thank You For Your Ongo Feedback About The 9.1.5 Character Customizations.

So the next optical adjustments should be available on the test server this week. Whether we get the first preview of the bright hands for the male nightborn heroes, is not yet known. In this article you can already see the female variant of the magic hands. Considering that the graphic designers have not completed their work for a long time!

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